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I have always been a creative person having loved photography from an early age, mainly landscapes. I trained as a textile designer within the silk industry of Macclesfield and managed textile manufacturing sites in the UK and Far East. Ten years ago I needed a change so I created Zapimage with the intention of doing lots of different types of photography and design work which I did at first. For past eight years it’s just been weddings and nothing else. I love it.

You will notice I haven’t won any awards or am a member of any associations. The simple fact is I refuse to pay to enter any awards and to pay to be a part of any associations. My clients’ happiness is my reward.

10 things to know about me

  • Married 23 years
  • Love cycling especially gravel cycling
  • Love to kayak with my wife.
  • Really like to challenge myself in endurance cycling events
  • Non-smoker or drinker, boring I am not !!!
  • Wacky wild printed shirts especially for weddings.
  • Best live band seen – Foo Fighters, followed closely by Green Day
  • My one vice – Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough.
  • Favourite place – Yosemite
  • Dream Job – surfing photographer

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